Heartache – The armoured heart

Heartache – The armoured heart

Das gepanzerte Herz

our heart – the engine, which allows us to love and live

Actually, we know that our heart is a source of power and love. Yet in almost everyone there are injuries, sadness, fury and unexpressed feelings which slow down this power. All too often we are not even aware of it ourselves, we often only know the situation as it IS and want to keep it that way. Fear to let the walls come tumbling down, fear of collapsing the dams, fear of being hurt again and fear of losing everything keep us from wanting to change something.

For this reason many of us put protective armour around our heart and buried everything which hurts inside of it. The stupid thing about this is however, that love cannot enter either and that our own love cannot flow freely anymore.

It begins already in early childhood, that we do not feel seen and loved. Our potential is not recognised by our surrounding and because of this we are being educated to fit into society, without recognising which gifts we have brought from our heaven. We begin to forget who we actually are and where we are from ourselves. We even forget this pain and begin to close up our emotions. As a child we are dependent on our parents and on society. Nothing is left but conformation or rebellion, as we all want to be loved. We even forget to truly love; we don’t know what it means to love unconditionally and to love ourselves anymore.
The trust to be welcomed as a human being here on our planet earth, the basic trust fades and only the unconscious longing remains. Yes, often we don’t even notice the longing anymore, having learnt to distract and occupy ourselves.

Only when the body sends us obvious signals, our pains become physical and appear as stabbing pains in the heart, high blood pressure, breathing difficulties or depression, we begin to get “worried”. Many visit the doctor and resort to drugs, which does not heal the suffering, really. At first the symptoms may disappear, but will resurface again elsewhere and by this the suffering is prolonged. Therefore things keep “happening” to us in our lives, be it in relationships or in our job, which point us to our unhealed pains through new pains, until we are ready to look at the real cause behind this.

“The healing of the inner levels in connection with the physical symptoms is very important and dear to me, so people can feel well and whole within their body and can experience it as a divine temple of their soul.”

Being an Osteopath and spiritual teacher I have developed a new treatment method – “Energetic Osteopathy – the body as a temple of the soul”.

For me, the special thing about this is that through love and knowledge people can be deeply touched and that they can immerse themselves in a healing room of trust.

At times a loving, physical touch of the heart is enough for the dam to burst. Old memories resurface and can be lovingly looked at and step by step old traumas are washed up to the surface and become conscious again. We realise that we can only heal through our own love – forgiveness, towards ourselves and others, is the key to healing.

Often the physical heart in the chest is blocked – limited in its mobility. The thorax itself is tight and stiff, as the cells store all the energies of old traumas. Through precise examination and treatment I find these blockages and resolve them on a physical level. With this, new inner spaces open up and are revived. The willingness to connect with oneself grows and the first steps of healing and personal growth become possible.

“The special thing about Energetic Osteopathy for me is that I have the possibility to touch both body and soul and to dive into a holy space of unity with my client.” 

One of my friends wanted to “try out” my work. He felt completely fit and healthy and was intensely practising Yoga for many years. During the treatment I was able to touch his heart and his soul. His heart was armoured and was lying under a solid plate. After I detached the plate and the heart was liberated physically, memories from his childhood from the time this place manifested surfaced. The feelings and the pain were allowed to be recognised and in this room of love he could let go of the pain. He was able to relax deeply and the huge pressure, which he had hardly felt anymore, could dissolve. He opened up and his love became perceptible in a new way. The inner child was released again and he felt a deep joy, yes bliss even.

This realisation shows that we are allowed to live our feelings and our love. Even at the risk of being hurt again, an open heart chakra and our own love are the best protection.

A few days ago a father came to me for a treatment with his little 7 year old boy. The father listed all the symptoms his son had developed for some time now. He had spasms in his face and his fists were cramped, he had problems at school. Whilst speaking the father never looked at me, and tapped nervously on his I-phone. The son and I immediately had a good connection and for the treatment I asked the father to wait outside.

During the treatment I was able to calm the boy’s nervous system, harmonise his cranio-sacral rhythm and to connect his soul with his heart again.

He fell asleep blissfully during the treatment. His heart didn’t have armour yet, but it was hurting and the boy had developed these symptoms to not feel this pain.

After the treatment the boy sat on the father’s lap and snuggled up. As the father was asking me about the treatment he didn’t really pay attention to his son. He told me, that by now they have 4 children, the youngest is only 8 months old and that it is very stressful at home.

I could explain to the father, that his son needs love and attention, real contact with his parents, and that the parents themselves need help. Children often carry their parent’s burden and suffer a lot from being treated and educated in a functional manner.

In my school, I show doctors and therapists a way to find their individual healing approach in order to utilise a holistic path of feeling and integration of body, mind and soul during treatments.

In the training “Energetic Osteopathy” each participant receives initiations and inner access points, which lead to their own transformation and a new consciousness. Energy sources can be accessed again and deep, transforming and healing contact becomes possible. During guided meditations correlations between subtle-energy levels and the body become perceptible, the own love is experienced in a new light and revived. Intense and specific partner healing treatments convey experiences for the participants, which they can then apply to themselves and their work.

With an energetic Osteopathy treatment therapists can remind the client’s body of the state of “being-healthy” in a gentle and lasting manner. The resolution of physical blockages whilst bringing the entire body system into a common flow, in combination with the resolution of the blockades at their source, enables the client to perceive the body as a temple of the soul again.

Kalu E. Schreiber D.O.