Burn Out – Being burnt out

Burn Out – Being burnt out

Burnout lösen

Or the calling to find the longing in our hearts

Is it the new modern diagnosis? Manager illness?
Or what else does this mean, this “burn out syndrome” – being burnt out. Have you too already asked yourself who is “struck” by this. Might it even be a contagious illness, or does it just come overnight and without presentiment? Does it just hit the weak, the ones who are no longer able to cope with life?
In any case, this “illness” is on everyone’s lips, as more and more people suffer from the symptoms and many cures are offered on the therapy-market as treatment directly for it or against it.
In my practice I see more and more young people, who are overwhelmed and exhausted and are under tremendous pressure to perform. Panic attacks and insomnia, the feeling to be failing, not being able to cope, right up to depression. Very often these symptoms develop gradually. Therefore it doesn’t only hit managers and people in leading positions. Mothers, pupils, informal carers, yes, today in actual fact everyone can be struck.

How can this be, that so many people dedicate and sacrifice themselves to the point they can no longer stand up to the pressure to perform, yet nevertheless continue in exactly the same way, until their bodies and minds break down?

Even children are already given drugs against anxiety, sleeping disorders, lack of concentration and hyper activity?
What is happening to us and what does this want to tell us? Also the physical ailments, so to speak “real illnesses”, like stomach-ache, ulcers, high blood pressure, headaches, back pains and so on, are not really any different. These are symptoms of the same problem.
Bit by bit we lose our joy in life, our laughter, our humour and the love for ourselves. Surely it also has to do with the fact that and how we are serving “false gods”. That we are succumbed by the programs society more or less imposes on us right from our first breath.
Now is the time to rediscover ourselves and to regain the inner trust in our own, individual being. Each one of us is much bigger, than we think. Everyone has undreamed-of potentials and qualities. And I am not talking of the EGO now, which is leading us into illusions and escape routines and is in control of our thoughts. The EGO makes us small and keeps us trapped in old structures and behavioural patterns.
What can help to distinguish between EGO and SELF? To refer back to ourselves and to find our own truth is a true step towards healing.

Our perception can be trained.

Via our brow chakra (the third eye) we have an inner connection to our perception.
Let me quickly explain this: Chakras – (the name originates from Sanskrit) – are energy wheels which connect the material/physical body with the ethereal energy bodies – the astral body, the emotional body, the causal body and the external world. They are situated along the spine and have a 360 degree expansion. There are 7 main chakras – the root chakra – the navel or sacral chakra – the solar plexus chakra – the heart chakra – the throat chakra – the brow chakra and the lotus or crown chakra.
Each chakra carries a unique and special quality. These qualities merge together.

The blue light-quality of the brow chakra helps to receive visions and to encapsulate thought processes.

One can better perceive the correct paths, has a good foresight, gains an overview over situations and can implement ones visions. The clearer this chakra becomes and the more it comes into harmony with the cosmic vibration, the fewer misdeterminations there are.
When this chakra is balanced it can result in a well developed intuition, clairvoyance, fantasy, concentration, decisiveness, independent development of the spiritual self, visions and a deep understanding of why we are here.
When the chakra is not balanced, it can lead to disorientation, depression, resistance against spirituality and an overemphasis of the intellect.

The second most important level of perception is our heart chakra – “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.”

The central themes of the heart chakra are unconditional love, charity, the inner truth, devotion, gratitude, healing, relationship, heart-joy, sensitivity, compassion, but also pain, sorrow, sadness, grief, forgiveness and karma. The heart chakra is mainly about the development of self-love and the connection to the universal love.

Blockages in the heart chakra often originate from the fear of heart-pain, of vulnerability to open up and to receive love. Loss, rejection, betrayal, sorrow. Love-sickness, separation, divorce and grief are experiences which can leave deep injuries and blockages within the heart chakra, if we have not been able to heal and come to terms with them. Strong emotional pain, which can express itself through mistrust towards people and life itself right up to a complete refusal or inability to give and receive love, can also block the heart chakra, as well as feelings of resentment and revengefulness resulting from the experienced hardships.

Now, thank god, there are possibilities to resolve and heal old pains and blockages – even without years of psychotherapy.

Regular meditation brings you stillness and you can begin to let go of the old. During guided meditations you can relax and reconnect with your inner truth and come back to yourself. Perceiving your chakras and experiencing your qualities. Opening your heart and feeling your love.

When we come to understand, that we ourselves are the source of love, the search for love on the outside is over. The heart chakra plays a central role in our own personal healing and our spiritual development.
When you begin to listen to the voice of your heart, your life will once again be filled with love and joy.

You are your best healer – Your Path into Light

Yes, this really is true. Ultimately, you are the only person, who can give yourself the permission to heal again and to accept healing. It is a decision you make for yourself, to strengthen your trust and courage in a way that allows you to find your own path and walk it. During the wonderful seminar „the Path into Light”, you are guided through an inner healing process for one week. An InnerRetreat which transforms you from the inside out, which lets you find your own path and brings out your inner radiance. It is a first big step, and I am not saying that it is an easy one. It is a process, which commences during the course of this week and faces you with and helps you through your resistances. The first 2 days are like „stock taking“ – diagnosis „Where am I strong and powerful?“ – “Which are my personal weaknesses?” – “Where do I block, have resistances?”
“In what way do I perceive myself and others?”
During multi-faceted exercises blockages are released and resolved and we work with the freed up energy. We dive into our deepest pain and into our greatest powerlessness. By doing this we experience which potentials are hidden behind them. Healing can finally happen. We learn to actively work with our 6 chakras (root chakra: basic trust, connection to the earth – sacral chakra: courage, power, sexual energy, joy of life – solar plexus chakra: inner peace – heart chakra: love – throat chakra: freedom, action, communication, manifestation – brow chakra: perception,-), as they are all levels of creation.

We practice this together in partner exercises, group exercises and regressions. The 7th chakra – our lotus chakra – only opens through devotion to ourselves. It carries the light of transformation, the connection to our heaven. The speciality about this work is that it is aligned and dedicated to our light, our potential and our life task. We are supported by 8 spiritual helpers who actively guide us through this process.

We are not alone on our path. These spiritual beings have walked this path before us – be it in human or spiritual form – and have already realised themselves in their completeness, they are a vivid expression of love and light. These spiritual escorts serve as examples and offer direction. With their presence it becomes easier to find this variety of highly developed qualities within ourselves too and to shape them according to our own being. The spiritual helpers have timeless messages for us, with which they accompany us on the Path into Light.

Everyone moves at their own pace and is met at the point they are at. After the seminar you will not be alone either. The spiritual helpers will continue to be there for you, as will the group with their love for each other. You will learn to love and take responsibility for yourself and which possibilities you can manifest in your daily life – and yes there’s homework too. Periodical meetings at Meditation evenings or “Path into Light – meetings are also offered.

In the wonderful seminar “The Path into Light” for one week you are guided through an inner healing process.

An InnerRetreat which transforms you from the inside out, which lets you find your own path and brings out your inner radiance.

I am always overjoyed to be leading this seminar and to accompany the participants in this healing process. Individual consultations and treatments are most certainly possible too.

You are very welcome to join us on the 29th May at 7pm for a free information – and meditation evening in Potsdam!

The next “Path into Light” will begin on the 25th July in Potsdam!

Kalu E. Schreiber D.O.